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Coronavirus Self Employment Income Support Scheme and Maternity Leave

April 2020

Coronavirus is massively affecting the incomes of self employed people. If you are pregnant or on maternity leave and are self employed or have a self employed partner, you might qualify for self employment income support from the government.

If you or your partner filed a self assessment return for the tax year 2018/19, you may qualify for support up to £2500 a month for 3 months, scheduled for payment in June. HMRC will contact anyone who is eligible for a taxable grant so there is no need to contact them.

If you are experiencing hardship before the grant is paid, you should apply for Universal Credit. Any grant will affect your benefits, in the month after it is paid. For those who have not yet returned their 2018/19 self assessment you have a grace period until April 23rd to return it.