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How can I increase my maternity pay?

Maternity pay is based on your earnings during the eight weeks between week 16 and week 24 of your pregnancy. If you are able to increase your work, or rate of pay, during these weeks, you will increase your maternity pay. During this period working additional hours, shift working or a second job will boost your maternity pay, conversely working less hours or taking a holiday could reduce your maternity pay.

Many employers will encourage you to keep in touch during your maternity leave. You can work up to 10 ‘Keeping In Touch’ days during your leave and still qualify for Statutory Maternity pay (SMP). During these days you will probably be paid your standard rate and may be either asked to work or train. These KIT days will increase your earnings during your leave.

If you get a bonus or pay dividend during weeks 16 to 24, this will also be included in your maternity pay calculation and could make a massive difference to your maternity pay.

Use our Calculator to find out what your maternity pay will be.