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Get help with paying your Council Tax while on Maternity Leave

December 2019

Most households pay between £120 and £350 a month in Council Tax. This is an especially large bill to pay when you have a drop in your income during maternity leave. If your household income is low any month, It is important to check with your district council if you are eligible for any discount or reduction especially if you qualify for Universal Credit.

Most welfare benefits are encompassed in Universal Credit benefit but you can apply for help with your Council Tax payment direct to your district council.

There are three types of help with Council Tax:

  1. Council Tax Discount if you are the sole adult in a household, this is a 25% discount and can be backdated if applicable.
  2. Council Tax Reduction is a means tested benefit and is available for households on a low income. So for any month during your maternity leave when your income is low, you may be eligible for this benefit which can be backdated for one month.
  3. Extreme Hardship. This may be available for households receiving Council Tax Reduction and suffering extreme hardship. Claimants can apply for this discretionary benefit and then they do not have to pay any Council Tax.

Most District Councils have online forms to claim help with Council Tax payments.