Having Twins and feeling the pinch?


Having a baby is an exciting and costly time, especially costly if you are having twins or even triplets!

Most expectant mums with a multiple pregnancy need extra antenatal checkups because of the extra complications the pregnancy may bring. While mums are entitled to days off work for checkups, accompanying partners will need to book time off as holiday or lose pay.

Maternity Leave usually starts earlier for multiple pregnancies as mums are advised to have more rest and twin and triplets babies are often premature or induced early. This means that mums have less working time to plan and save for their new babies.

Even though multiple births are obviously more expensive (extra cots, clothes, nappies, food, car seats etc.), maternity pay and leave conditions are the same as for singleton births. The good news is, you are more likely to qualify for Universal Credit and Council Tax Relief during your Maternity Leave for a multiple pregnancy.

Universal Credit is means tested and takes into account:

  • if you have a partner
  • your household income each calendar month
  • if and where you pay rent
  • how many children you have

Universal Credit increases for your second child but not for your third child unless your third child is from a multiple pregnancy. If you already have a child and you then have twins (or more), Universal Credit increases for each of your children. This means that many mums with a partner on a low or middling salary, qualify for Universal Credit during maternity leave for a multiple pregnancy.