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Coronavirus Self Employment Income Support Scheme and Maternity Leave

April 2020

Coronavirus is massively affecting the incomes of self employed people. If you are pregnant or on maternity leave and are self employed or have a self employed partner, you might qualify for self employment income support... Read more

Furlough Pay and Maternity

March 2020

Find out how the new Coronavirus measures will affect you and your pay during your pregnancy and maternity leave.... Read more

Having Twins and feeling the pinch?

March 2020

Having a baby is an exciting and costly time, especially costly if you are having twins. The good news is, you are more likely to qualify for Universal Credit and Council Tax Relief... Read more

Shared Parental Leave means Teachers get a fair deal on Maternity Pay

February 2020

Teachers get a rough deal when it comes to holiday and maternity leave. Find out how Shared Parental Leave and Pay can boost... Read more

New parents get a savings bonus of up to £2400

January 2020

The government has a help to save scheme specially designed for working families on a low income.... Read more

Get help with paying your Council Tax while on Maternity Leave

December 2019

Most households pay between £120 and £350 a month in Council Tax. This is an especially large bill to pay when you have a drop in your income during maternity leave... Read more

New Mums boost their Maternity Income with Universal Credit

November 2019

Find out if you qualify for Universal Credit while on maternity leave.... Read more

Why spreading your Maternity Pay makes you better off

October 2019

Find out how spreading your Maternity Pay evenly over your leave will reduce the tax you pay and make it easier for you to budget.... Read more

Now live - NHS and Teacher Maternity Pay calculators

September 2019

What a first week we’ve had – 4000 visits to the calculators! But what’s even more exciting and rewarding has been the positive and plentiful feedback we’ve had from soon to be mums and dads on how easy the calculators are to use... Read more

Boosting your maternity pay

August 2019

You might know the basics of Statutory Maternity Pay - you get 90% of your 90% of your earnings for 6 weeks, then £151.20 for 33 weeks. Well, you'll be pleased to hear, there's a lot you can do to improve it... Read more

NHS maternity pay

July 2019

NHS maternity pay comprises 8 weeks' full pay, 18 weeks' half pay plus Statutory Maternity Pay, 13 weeks' Statutory Maternity Pay followed by 13 weeks of unpaid leave. Read our tips and tricks for maximising it so that you can relax and enjoy your time with baby... Read more

Teachers' maternity pay

June 2019

Teachers' maternity pay comprises 4 weeks' full pay, 2 weeks' 90% pay, 12 weeks' half pay plus Statutory Maternity Pay, 21 weeks' of Statutory Maternity Pay followed by 13 weeks' of unpaid leave. Read our tips and tricks for maximising it so you can relax and enjoy your time with baby... Read more

Maternity and holiday

May 2019

You accrue paid holiday (including bank holidays) on maternity leave just as if you were at work which gives you some fantastic options when you come to plan your return to work... Read more