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Can I claim Universal Credit while on Maternity Leave?

Universal Credit is available for families on a low monthly income. It’s a very helpful benefit when you are on maternity leave as it is payable for any month when your household income is low. So even if you are normally on a high salary, you may be able to get Universal Credit for those months at the end of your leave. Have a look at our case studies for Bethany and Susie

You can claim Universal Credit by applying through the Government site . It is designed to help with living costs and rent. It is means tested so any family income or savings are taken into account. You may also qualify for Council Tax Reduction. This can be claimed from your local council.

Entitlement to Universal credit whilst pregnant, during your first pregnancy, will mean that you are entitled to a £500 payment (to help with the costs of a new baby) called the Sure Start Grant. This can be claimed here any time up to six months after your baby is born. In Scotland there is a more generous grant called The Best Start .